Tailoring Services

Uniform & Accessories Warehouse offers in-house professional tailoring services to meet your uniform needs. Our tailors can affix your new custom patches directly onto uniforms ordered with Uniform Warehouse so that your uniforms arrive ready for the field.Our Services Include:
  • Emblem Application
  • Pant Hemming
  • Pant Striping
  • Nametape Application
  • Zipper Installation
  • Epaulet Removal
  • Badge Tab Removal
For questions regarding our tailoring services, please contact our sales department at 1-877-643-1100.

Patch Storage

For any custom patch order, you have the option of having the patches shipped directly to your location, or have them stored at our location at no additional charge. If you choose to have us store your company patches, they will be readily available to be sewn onto uniforms ordered with Uniform & Accessories Warehouse. We also keep inventory of your patch stock, so that you may be notified to place a reorder when your stock of company patches becomes low.
Please contact us at 818-721-4010 for more details regarding patch storage.