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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 4 & Persona 5 Royal in glorious 8K on an NVIDIA RTX 4090

Hi, My name is Austin Contreras and I’m the Writer of Techfrugal. I have been played games for over 18 years, and I like to share my gaming knowledge with People. You can also try the quick links below to see results for most popular searches. So uninstall the old drivers, shut the computer down, […]

Install NVIDIA Driver for Use with vSphere Bitfusion

However, even if a hardware device is recognized by the operating system, installing the correct drivers may provide additional options and functionality for the device. For example, most mice work automatically when they are connected to a PC. However, installing the appropriate mouse driver may allow you to customize the function of each button and […]

Using Your Browser to Diagnose JavaScript Errors

Turn off your computer and check the connections and cables for damage. Unplug any new hardware and reconfigure it correctly. If it doesn’t, you can try replacing the cables entirely. If you encounter this error, it may mean that your Hard Disk Drive is failing. Sometimes, with inappropriate network configurations on your Windows 10 computer, […]

Drivers Help Windows Run Properly Here’s How They Work

Allow installation of all the important windows updates. In case the issue remains you need to use Nvidia Geforce Experience to download or update the Nvidia graphics driver. The disabling steps vary depending on the type of antivirus software being used on your system. However, one of the easiest ways to disable the antivirus software […]

Display webcam content overlaid on your presentation on a Mac

The custom browser prevents students from checking URLs and documents or using other applications during their examination. Additionally, you can’t copy or print during the test. Even when Driversol you think you’ve found a way to avoid getting caught by a webcam and plagiarism checkers, there are other ways you can be caught cheating in […]